Keith and Kin

Season 15, Episode 20
Kith and Kin title card
Air date 14th May 2006
Written by Susan Wilkins
Directed by Andrew Morgan
Episode guide
Great Expectations
Wine and Roses
Somebody sets fire to Bernie Scripps and his hearse one night he is on his way back to Aidensfield. Luckily he escapes with burns on his right arm, but the car is a write-off. Rosie gets really worried about him, when he checks himself out of the hospital and disappears. Meg Sawyer gives birth to her first baby, but her father-in-law Ed causes nothing but trouble. Dr. Trent gets a visit from her father Maxwell Hamilton, but is not particularly happy to see him, because he left her and her mother when she was 10. But he just wants to see her again because he is terminally ill with lung cancer. Aunt Peggy enters David in a fishing competition after he catches a giant salmon.

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