Kindness of Strangers

Season 9, Episode 9
Kindness of Strangers title card
Air date 21st November 1999
Written by James Stevenson
Directed by Gerry Poulson
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Negative Vibes
Hollywood or Bust


Mike investigates a suspicious burglary and Gina's romance with Andy heats up.

Full SummaryEdit

Old Ernest Dewhurst is living in a world of his own and much to the disapproval of his daughter Jenny and her husband Ross he speaks a lot to his son Colin, who fell during the war, and often pretends that Colin has paid him a visit. One day Jenny discovers that a silver bowl is missing and Ernest says he gave it to Colin as a birthday present. The next day Dewhurst is found unconscious and his house shows signs of burglary. Suspicion falls on Mark and Josie Aycliff, who live in a caravan nearby and was involved in a shoplifting a few days earlier. The time of the annual car rally is near, and when the organizer Mr. Potter has a accident Claude Greengrass takes over. One of the contestants, Jonno, pays Greengrass to help him win the rally so that he can impress his girlfriend Lucy.

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