Joyce Tomkinson

Geraldine Newman as Joyce Tomkinson
Geraldine Newman as Joyce Tomkinson



First Episode


Last Episode

Shotgun Wedding


Jackie Bradley (niece)


Henry Tomkinson (husband)

Joyce Tomkinson, played by Geraldine Newman. Appeared in 2 episodes in 1999.


Wife of Henry Tomkinson and aunt of Jackie Bradley. She strongly disliked the prospect of Jackie marrying PC Mike Bradley, but came round in the end and attended their wedding. She later welcomed him to the family.


Henry Tomkinson

Henry was Joyce's uncle, and a respected solicitor, and it was clear that they had been mmarried a long time. She was also appearing to be not happy about lying for her husband, as he was the suspect in a hit and run when he knocked a young boy off his bike.

Jackie Bradley 

Jackie was Joyce's neice and in the episode Testament, it appeared that the two were close, but things were strained between them when it was discovered that her husband was involved in a hit and run. She said to Jackie that not very many women her age had the chance to have a start in the legal profession and that the very least she could do was show Henry her loyalty. If the firm became bankrupt then he might have to let someone go - assuming she possibly meant Jackie. In Shotgun Wedding, she wasn't happy about the fact that Jackie was marrying PC Mike Bradley, and it was also it seemed she hadn't told her parents. She also thought that Jackie was pregnant,  and that why else would she be marrying a humble village bobby. Jackie protested that she wasn't and was marrying the man she loved. Joyce later came round and attended the wedding. Her husband Henry, Jackie's uncle couldn't come but had offered to pay for the whole thing.

PC Mike Bradley

PC Mike Bradley was the investigating officer who suspected that Jackie's uncle Henry was the one responsible for the hit and run, in which he knocke a young boy off his bike. Things became strained between him and Jackie, but Joyce clearly sensed that Mike was smitten with her. But she didn't approve of her and Mike rushing into marriage, as they married, rather in haste. She later came round about it and attended the wedding. 

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