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Thomas Jowett (husband, deceased) }}

Joyce Jowett, played by Elizabeth Bennett. Appeared in 17 occasional episodes between 1996 - 2009.


Local councillor, recently widowed in her first appearance. A formidable and opinionated lady who likes to have her own way. She insists on being addressed as "Councillor Jowett", as she very firmly tells anyone who dares to call her "Mrs Jowett". She is a friend of Oscar Blaketon and the two appear to have a deeper though mostly unexpressed affection for each other. In one episode she is shown working as a head librarian.


Series 6Edit

  1. Bygones Be Bygones

Series 11Edit

  1. The Rivals
  2. No Hiding Place
  3. From Ancient Grudge
  4. Windows of Opportunity

Series 12Edit

  1. A Many Splendoured Thing

Series 13Edit

  1. Brought to Book

Series 14Edit

  1. Rustlers and Hustlers

Series 15Edit

  1. The Devil You Know
  2. Wine and Roses

Series 16Edit

  1. Hearts & Flowers
  2. The Dreams That You Dream
  3. Laying the Ghost

Series 17Edit

  1. Out of the Long Dark Night
  2. The Big Chill

Series 18Edit

  1. England Expects
  2. The Hospital Job