Intelligence Matters

Season 16, Episode 3
Intelligence Matters title card
Air date 12th November 2006
Written by John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch
Directed by Gerry Mill
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When Carol Cassidy wants to see Alice Tupper she finds the house broken into and the old woman hiding from the intruder. He himself is hiding in her shed, but he flees when Carol discovers him. PC Walker and PC Bellamy arrest him though when he tries to get to Whitby, but they are stopped by DS Dawson who demands that they hand him over to Guy Maitland from the Intelligence Services. Sergeant Miller is not ready to do that, and things are not made any easier by the fact that he has a terrible toothache. David and Aunt Peggy clear out an estate of the deceased Sadie Copley when they find a notebook with complete murder plans, and Aunt Peggy is convinced that old Sadie has put her unfaithful husband out of the way. But since the police will have nothing to do with it she decides to get to the bottom of things herself.

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