In On the Act

Season 7, Episode 15
In On the Act title card
Air date 7th December 1997
Written by Veronica Henry
Directed by Gerry Mill
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Nick and Jo return from their honeymoon to discover that Blaketon has taken over at the post office and Nick has been made acting sergeant.

Full SummaryEdit

Nick and Jo Rowan return from their honeymoon in Spain. They find out that he has been made acting sergeant at the Ashfordly police station, while Blaketon has taken over the post office. A fair is visiting Aidensfield and one of its main attractions is the wall of death and its riders Dirk and Liam. Especially 15-year old Tracey Knight is fascinated by Dirk who has promised her a spot on the show. Dirk is seriously injured when he crashes off the wall during practice. The police soon find out it was not an accident. Another attraction is the mouse show, which Greengrass' lurcher Alfred decides by eating the favourite owned by the very unpopular Trevor Lammas. The next day Greengrass finds his dog lying on the floor with all signs of poisoning and accuses Lammas, who starts to have a series of small mishaps.



Heartbeat - Series 7 - Episode 15 - In on the Act49:38

Heartbeat - Series 7 - Episode 15 - In on the Act

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