Season 14, Episode 15
Icon title card
Air date 20th March 2005
Written by Tracy Brabin
Directed by Noreen Kershaw
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Blast from the Past
Golf Papa One Zero


Bellamy and Walker hunt for a batch of stolen Russian icons, and suspect the victim of an assault at the Aidensfield Arms might be involved when they discover his criminal connections. Vernon embarks on another harebrained scheme when he meets an Italian truffle salesman, while Helen is puzzled by a youngster's baffling medical history.

Full SummaryEdit

The police are on the lookout for stolen Russian icons which have been unloaded in or around Whitby from a fishing boat owned by Ingmar Larsen who is currently in prison for smuggling and violence. The captain of the boat claims he thought they were smuggling cigarettes and that they were ambushed by pirates just off shore. They recover one of the icons at an antique shop, and the owner tells PC Walker that he bought it from a blonde woman in her thirties. Lord Ashfordly is having a banquet for true gourmets. Vernon Scripps quite the right idea when he learns about truffles from the Italian Giovanni Viora, but he thinks the price is somewhat on the high side and decides to go looking for them himself. To find them you need a pig, but in lack one of those Alfred will have to do...


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