Hunter's Moon

Season 14, Episode 5
Hunter's Moon title card 2
Air date 3rd October 2004
Written by Candy Denman
Directed by Jonas Grimås
Episode guide
The Happiest Day
Mrs. Barton reports her husband Harry missing. He went out late at night to hunt a fox which has been after their pheasants and did not return. He is found dead, killed in an apparent accident, but foul play cannot be ruled out. Vernon Scripps risks losing his taxi license when David fails to pick up Mrs. Fforbes-Hepplethwaite, the chairman of the taxi licensing committee. Mrs. Fforbes-Hepplethwaite has set her heart on having the Aidensfield plough dance as the centrepiece of the village fête. However Oscar Blaketon has not been able to find any evidence that the dance ever existed, so Vernon Scripps decides to invent one to soften her up. The plough for the dance is supplied by Mr. Cartwright and Vernon Scripps is so impressed with his daughter Rosie that he hires her to help out as a mechanic at Bernie's garage.


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