Horses for Courses

Season 12, Episode 10
Horses for Courses title card
Air date 15th December 2002
Written by John Flanagan

Andrew McCulloch

Directed by Noreen Kershaw
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Many Splendoured Thing
Sins of the Fathers


Bellamy throws a drunken Gordon Purvis out of the Aidensfield Arms. Tricia receives an invitation from Lord Ashfordly, Mike is horrified when Tricia gets involved with a racehorse trainer, and Vernon has a surprise visit from a long-lost sibling.

Full SummaryEdit

Gordon Purvis acts tactless towards Gina and Phil Bellamy tells him to finish his drink and go. Purvis does, but on his way out he hits Bellamy with his car and drives erratically. Unfortunately the charges against him are not sufficiently substantiated and Sergeant Merton lets him go with a warning. But Merton has another and more serious reason to let him go. Scotland Yard has Purvis under surveillance and has requested their assistance in this operation. PC Bradley is the best suited for the job, but he cannot tell anybody about it. The surveillance also includes horse trainer Kieron Doyle. Tricia Summerbee is smitten by Doyle's charm and takes him up on his offer to ride one of his horses. Thus the beautiful doctor unwittingly ends up in the middle of it all. Vernon Scripps gets a visit from his brother George, who he has never met. So he is very surprised to discover that George is actually a woman. He will also soon discover that she has a very expensive lifestyle.



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