Home Truths

Season 10, Episode 14
Home Truths title card
Air date 28th January 2001
Written by Gil Brailey
Directed by Diana Patrick
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Blind Justice
Not So Special


Jackie receives a surprise visit from her mother, tragedy strikes the Henderson household, and Vernon decides to go into the mobile catering business.

Full SummaryEdit

Jackie's mother is visiting some friends, Joe and Shona Henderson, who live not far from Aidensfield. She still has not forgiven Jackie for marrying a mere village bobby, and their relationship does not improve when Jackie represents Jacob Fairbrother, who has been injured in an accident at Henderson's quarry. It almost reaches freezing when Shona Henderson is murdered and Fairbrother is suspected of the crime. David sees a flyer for a pop concert, and when Vernon Scripps discovers it is organized by Mickey Willis, the son of and old friend; he spots a business opportunity to cater the entire tour. Phil Bellamy and Gina have been seeing each other a lot lately. In fact they have been seeing each other so much that sergeant Craddock cannot turn a blind eye anymore since romantic relations between a police officer and a pub licensee are illegal.



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