Home Sweet Home

Season 11, Episode 5
Home Sweet Home title card
Air date 25th November 2001
Written by John Flanagan and

Andrew McCulloch

Directed by Gerry Poulson
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Craddock sends Nicholson to patrol the town centre on his own, the police investigate a suspicious death at a nursing home, and Bernie arranges for David to clear house contents for an auctioneer.

Full SummaryEdit

Craddock is finding that keeping a watchful eye over the eager Tom Nicholson is more work than he anticipated. In a morning he manages to upset the local nursing home owner and jam the roads of Aidensfield. Bellamy is particularly irritated that he seems to have taken a fancy to Gina Ward. Blaketon is hired by the son of an old lady who has recently passed away whilst living at the Fairlawns Nursing Home. He wants him to investigate the owner Betty Hargreaves as his mother changed her will in the last few days to leave her inheritance not to Harry but to Betty instead. Blaketon finds out that not only has this happened when Betty worked in another home but that she is also only an auxiliary nurse and not trained for her position. Believing Betty to be a thief and a murderer Blaketon clashes with Craddock and accuses him and his team of negligence. When another patient at the home dies and leaves her money to Betty Hargreaves Craddock begins to wonder if Blaketon might be right. Mike, however,discovers that fellow resident Daphne Merryfield has also been 'helping out' around the Home. As a former doctor and wife to a surgeon Daphne has been handing out small doses of treatment to friends - not enough to do any harm but enough to leave traces in a post-mortem and to blacken Betty's name. A spate of petty crime in Aidensfield also centres on the old ladies at the nursing home. Ventress turns out to be the hero of the day as he is forced to visit his wife's Aunty Vera at the home during his week off. It turns out that Vera has been taking any item left around to put it in her bed side cabinet for safe keeping. During the case Mike and Tricia clash when she complains that his constant presence at the home could distress the residents. Despite having confessed to Gina that her feelings for Mike are developing, will their professional differences prevent her taking this any further?



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