Heroes and Villains

Season 7, Episode 23
Heroes and Villains title card
Air date 15th February 1998
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Brian Farnham
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Full SummaryEdit

The schoolboys Trevor and Stuart Chivers break into the house of WWI hero Gerard Sefton, while he is in hospital, and smashes up everything searching for money. The boys also have a little sideline collecting "lost" golf balls at the golf club and selling them to Claude Greengrass. But the youngest, Stuart, is fascinated by Sefton's war exploits and visits the old man at the hospital. When PCs Bellamy and Ventress want to question the boys their battleaxe of a mother says that her little "angels" have nothing to do with it, and throws them out.


Heartbeat - Series 7 - Episode 23 - Heroes and Villains-049:52

Heartbeat - Series 7 - Episode 23 - Heroes and Villains-0

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