Heirs Apparent

Season 17, Episode 2
Heirs Apparent
Air date 18th November 2007
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Gerry Mill
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Stop Gap
Night Mail


Lord Ashfordly is arrested by PC Joe Mason which does not impress Sergeant Miller. David fears that he may be murdered after making a will.

PC Mason discovers that being a village bobby does not always have something to do with police work when he gives Nurse Cassidy a ride to a farm and the farmer asks him to help getting a cow out of the mud. But he also gets some real cases when somebody nicks 12 shillings from the collection in the village church and a photograph goes missing from Ashfordly Hall. Young Charlie Prentice asks for directions to Ashfordly Estate telling Oscar Blaketon that she is looking for her father and she is convinced he is Lord Ashfordly. David Stockwell decides to make a will because he is afraid to leave a mess when he dies. Maybe that was not such a good idea after all.

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