Heartbeat: Changing Places

Season N/A, Episode N/A
Changing Places
Air date 13th June 1999
Written by Jonathan Critchley
Directed by Bob Mahoney
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Following the departure of PC Nick Rowan from the programme in episode 98, "Local Knowledge", a special episode was filmed in Canada, to portray the new life of the Rowan family, and Nick's work in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The episode was filmed in 1998, and released on video the same year. It received its first TV airing in June 13 1999.


  • Nick Berry as Nick Rowan
  • Juliette Gruber as Jo Rowan
  • Alice Jones as Katie Rowan
  • Jimmy Herman as Frank
  • Jack Ackroyd as Sergeant Hoodekoff
  • Jennifer Phipps as Ma Gibson
  • Kate Newby as Cora Palmer
  • Bob Shomyn as Shop Keeper
  • R.D. Reid as Gerry
  • Randy Birch as Travis
  • Terry Lawrence as Don
  • Doug Levitt as Martin
  • Donovan Workun as Dwight
  • Reg Dreger as Jim Roberts
  • Diane Fabian as Mrs Roberts
  • Cameron Forbes as Corporal McGlinchy
  • Adrian Hough as Brian Palmer
  • Warren Michael as Ben
  • Simon McKenzie as Bobby
  • Marty Chief Calf as Mo
  • Terry King as Store Keeper


Heartbeat Changing Places Intro00:41

Heartbeat Changing Places Intro

The special introduction used for the programme

Heartbeat Changing Places00:00

Heartbeat Changing Places

Nick Rowan training to be in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

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