Season 12, Episode 5
Harmony title card
Air date 10th November 2002
Written by Peter Gibbs
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Where There's Muck
No Man's Land


The famous singer-songwriter Deborah Vine arrives in Aidensfield; a dangerous armed criminal escapes while being transported to prison; David finds himself the subject of some unwanted attention.

Full SummaryEdit

Sergeant Merton gets a visit from his cousin singing star Deborah Vine. She likes Aidensfield so much she may even decide to settle down there. She is joined by her daughter Didi, an upcoming singer who has left her show because she is pregnant and does not want her father and manager Larry Prince to know. PC Bellamy spots the wanted criminal Scudamore while he is on patrol with PC Ventress. Scudamore is arrested, but manages to escape during transfer to Manchester. David gets a shock when he is supposed to unload Mr. Clough from his taxi and discovers that the old man has quietly passed away during the trip. Clough's daughter April needs a man (around her shop) after her father's death and takes an interest in David. Too much interest if you ask David.



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