Growing Apart

Season 12, Episode 8
Growing Apart title card
Written by Candy Denman
Directed by Jonas Grimås
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Dirty Len
Many Splendoured Thing


A series of tractor thefts has the police puzzled, while one of the thefts ignites a serious marital dispute. Vernon thinks he's struck gold with his latest venture: Scripps Paradise Gardens.

Full SummaryEdit

There has been a series of brand new tractor thefts in the area. They were all insured at the same company and stolen within days of delivery. Sergeant Merton reckons, Steve Calthrop will be the next victim and he tells his constables to watch Calthrop's tractor overnight. Calthrop sneaks out during the night to visit his mistress and while PC Bradley and PC Bellamy follow him his tractor is stolen. Vernon Scripps has a brand new idea. His latest venture is landscaping gardens beautiful enough to be the best of the village. The Naysmith-Jones's take advantage of his services, and since Vernon is not into the getting-your-hands-dirty part of the business as usual it is David's job to purchase the trees and plants for their garden - including a Greek statue that they want. He cannot afford the statue, but the garden centre salesman knows where he can get a cheap one second hand.


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