Gone Tomorrow

Season 5, Episode 8
Gone Tomorrow title card
Air date 22nd October 1995
Written by Freda Kelsall
Directed by Graeme Harper
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Police constable Ventress witnesses a UFO during an electrical storm. Meanwhile, Greengrass wins a luxury cruise in a draw.

Full SummaryEdit

During a terrible thunderstorm several people claim to have seen an UFO flying over Aidensfield, and sergeant Blaketon cannot just dismiss the matter because PC Ventress is one of them. Ventress even thinks he was abducted. Bernard and Lily Conway have trouble with their neighbour Ted Halliwell and suspect him of knocking over their milk cans and letting his sheep lose during the storm. Then Conway disappears after an argument with Halliwell. Aunt Eileen has been collecting money for charity on behalf of Hester Jarvis, but when the money gets stolen Jarvis does not want the theft investigated.


Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 8 - Gone Tomorrow51:48

Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 8 - Gone Tomorrow


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