Gin a Body, Meet a Body

Season 10, Episode 18
Gin a Body, Meet a Body
Air date 25th February 2001
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Paul Walker
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PC Bellamy faces charges and it's up to Mike and Alf to prove his innocence. Vernon launches Yorkshire's biggest taxi fleet.

Full SummaryEdit

Gareth North is the son of used car dealer Harry North and relies on his father's wealth to get him out of trouble. And trouble is something he gets into a lot of together with his girlfriend Gail and friend Vince. They attempt an armed robbery, but when PC Bellamy nearly catches them Gareth reports his car, which they used to get away, as stolen. The three of them even go as far as accusing Bellamy of beating up Gareth. Vernon Scripps wins a car in a poker game and decides to open a taxi service. But they do not get any customers, because they share a party line with Edith Fairley, who is always at the phone. She is hiding from her ex-husband Jack Fairley, who has just been released from prison. Bernie Scripps gets an unusual request. Minnie Bateson wants to make funeral arrangements for her husband Sydney. The unusual bit about it is that Sydney Bateson is still alive.



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