Gabriel's Last Stand

Season 10, Episode 4
Air date 12th November 2000
Written by Gil Brailey
Directed by Gerry Poulson
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Gabriel Firth, ex MP and Home Secretary, plans a party to celebrate his retirement, a series of spiteful attacks on the Manor turn to attempted murder, and Greengrass tries to sell a stash of old fireworks.

Full SummaryEdit

Gabriel Firth has just retired as an MP and now he hopes for a top position at a prominent local firm. To impress his future employers his wife is arranging a formal retirement party for them and special guests. Diana Firth also invites their new neighbour Jennifer Bennet, but for some reason her husband is not too happy about that. Firth Manor is also the site of the annual bonfire party, but Firth put a stop to it because it is on the same evening as his retirement party. This enrages Judd Holdsworth, who is in charge of the bonfire party. When the flowerbed and later the hall of the manor are vandalized Firth is certain that Holdsworth is behind it. Gina is getting a new boyfriend and this time it is someone, who will not disappoint her, Phil Bellamy. Well, not very often that is.



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