Full Circle

Season 9, Episode 14
Full Circle title card
Air date 26th December 1999
Written by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Diana Patrick
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Stag at Bay
The Seven Year Itch


Stella Redford returns to Aidensfield to search for her grown-up daughter and Mike investigates a series of hotel burglaries.

Full SummaryEdit

Billy Trotter returns for his mother's funeral, but is too late. Also too late is Stella Redford, who needs Mrs. Trotter's help to trace a little girl she gave up for adoption twenty years ago. Instead Maggie Bolton advises her to consult Jackie Bradley. The matter gets more complicated when her purse with her only picture of the child is stolen from her hotel room - one of many burglaries in hotel rooms in the area. Sergeant Craddock wants Jackie's help in a personal matter. His wife wants a divorce. Greengrass and Trevor Pargoe are staging a lurcher competition and lay out red herrings to throw off the police and Oscar Blaketon. The Inland Revenue is breathing down Greengrass' back again. They want to re-evaluate his cottage for taxation reasons. He does not!

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