From Ancient Grudge

Season 11, Episode 14
From Ancient Grudge title card
Air date 27th January 2002
Written by John Flanagan and

Andrew McCulloch

Directed by Noreen Kershaw
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The Leopard's Spots
The Great Ming Mystery


A barn is set on fire at the Wainwright Farm late at night, and Gina arrives back from Liverpool. Vernon decides to screen films in the village hall.


Jim Wainwright's barn burns down and although the fire was started deliberately Wainwright claims it was an accident and not worth any police attention. The next day the headlights of George Allsop's Land Rover are smashed and he too says it is not a police matter. PC Ventress and PC Bradley think otherwise because the Wainwrights and the Allsops have been in a feud with each other for many years although things have been quiet between them for a long time. But they may be starting up again. Vernon Scripps thinks Aidensfield and other villages need a cinema. He gets a projector from a closed-down sex club and plans to drive around and show pictures at the village halls. Joyce Jowett is against the idea and wants to have final approval of the films.



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