Friends Like You

Season 8, Episode 21
Friends Like You title card
Air date 7th February 1999
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Frank. W. Smith
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The police in Whitby raid a nightclub where Gina has a gig and find drugs in her purse. Convinced that somebody else has slipped it into the purse PC Bradley contacts the Whitby police without luck. The same night he, Gina and Gina's manager Terry stake out the club and make a startling discovery. PC Ventress is on night watch and uses the opportunity to take a nap. One night his usual hideout is locked so he finds a seat in a passenger carriage instead and the next morning he wakes up halfway to Crewe and asks PC Bellamy to cover for him. David has been cheated into buying second-rate clothes and Greengrass decides to help him get his money back - with the help of Oscar Blaketon believe it or not.

Full SummaryEdit

In Whitby at the Blue Parrot Club Gina has started singing and Terry Connelly - her latest boyfriend is also her manager. Gina's Aunty Mary is not too keen on him. He is not the sort of company she would have picked out for her. David meanwhile wins one hundred pounds on the premium bonds but when he buys a new jacket, he gets conned by the shopkeeper, Martin Featherstone who claims that he was a friend of David's late father. David isn't quite sure what to do with the money, however; Mary suggests a cruise while Phil says book into one of the poshest hotels in London and life the highlight for a week. Oscar says that if David had any sense he would put the money in the Post Office. Gina reveals to Mary (who still doesn't approve of Terry) that she has been asked back again for second night. Elsewhere, Maggie arrives back at an empty house and Jackie pays her a visit, saying that Neil wouldn't have wanted her to stay in night after night on her own. All is going well that is, until the police burst in on a drugs raid one evening and after searching the entire club find a bottle of pills in her handbag. Of course, Gina protests that she's innocent but they don't believe her. She goes to Mike for help who reccomends Jackie to represent her in court. Gina and Terry think the person who planted the drugs may have been Rory Shaw. At the CID in Whitby, Mike goes to see DI Thomason; he denies that no-one has heard of Rory. But at the club, Mike sees Thomason with Rory and Jackie goes to seee his superior, DI Haggerty and asks to see DC Thomason. Haggerty says that Thomason isn't here. She tells him that she thinks Gina's been framed. Haggerty asks if they've got any evidence to prove it and Jackie says they haven't. Before departing, she asks that Haggerty if when DC Thomason does show up, inform him that she was here otherwise she'll see them both in court and perhaps Rory Shaw too. Haggerty then informs Craddock that Rory is a police infromant suspected of dealing in drugs. The raid was organised with Shaw being told about it in advance along with no drugs apart from the ones that were found in Gina's bag. This proves Shaw to be guilty having told everyone except Gina and Terry about the raid. Mike is still convinced that Gina hasn't been taking drugs but Gina is annoyed that he can't do much about it because of the pills still being annalysed. Mary informs Jackie who then tells Mike that Gina could be about to do something dangerous. She has in fact gone to the Blue Parrot to find Rory Shaw and tell him exactly what she thinks of him. They arrive just as Thomason and Haggerty are about to arrest him along with others who have started dealing at the Blue Parrot again now that there's been a drugs raid. Mike realises that it was Terry who actually planted the drugs in Gina's bag. Terry explains that when he saw the uniform he just panicked. Elswhere, Alf falls asleep on night duty for the second time in a row and falls asleep on the train after snuggling up in one of the compartments - only to wake up and find himself miles away in Crewe! He gets Phil to cover up for him by explaining to Craddock and his wife that he's on an important case! Even when he manages to get back to the station he still manages to wriggle out of the situation! When Craddock asks how his arm is doing, Alf says that give it another week it'll be good as new - as long as he can take it easy of course. Phil says that Alf never fails to surprise him! To Claude's dismay, David has lost his money and they get Blaketon to help him into getting his money back - by blackmailng Featherstone. At the end of the episode, Mike and Jackie share a kiss.



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