Friendly Fire

Season 7, Episode 8
Friendly Fire title card
Air date 19th October 1997
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Tom Cotter
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The Family Way
Sons and Lovers


Nick has suspicions when a lay preacher is injured in a shooting accident. When Greengrass comes across a secret recipe for the famous Aidensfield bun, he becomes a wanted man.

Full SummaryEdit

A group of farmers are hunting for a dog, which has killed some of their sheep, when one of them, Richard Ealham, gets hit by a shot. Most likely suspect is Jeff Kean, who has just found out that his wife Sheila is having an affair with Ealham. There is great demand for the famous Aidensfield buns, but Bill Dyson is the only one, who knows the recipe, and he does not want to give it to his sons, who runs the bakery, because he has become senile, but do not get along with each other. Instead he trusts it to Greengrass in a clear moment just in case he should forget it one day. Gina gets a letter from her uncle, which says that he will not be able to return to the pub anymore and that he will give up his license.

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