Frail Mortality

Season 6, Episode 6
Frail Mortality title card
Air date 6th October 1996
Written by Keith Temple
Directed by Michael Cocker
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Something of Value


Nick decides to study for his Sergeant's exam and Greengrass dabbles in taxidermy with disastrous results.

Full SummaryEdit

Michael Harvey is mortally ill and his son Ronnie and his girlfriend Susan is preparing a surprise party to celebrate his birthday, which he knows will be his last. During the party Michael Harvey asks Susan to be his wife. Shocked the young woman rushes out of the house and rides away on her bicycle. On her way home she has an accident and nurse Bolton is suspected of causing it, but PC Rowan thinks that something is not quite right, and Susan's bike is missing. Greengraas buys a rare samovar from a family of Russian gipsies, but discovers that there are more "rare" Russian samovars around. PC Rowan is thinking of getting a promotion and wants to take his sergeant's exams.



Heartbeat Series 6 Ep 6 - Frail Mortality51:16

Heartbeat Series 6 Ep 6 - Frail Mortality

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