Flesh and Blood

Season 9, Episode 11
Flesh and Blood title card
Air date 5th December 1999
Written by Gillian Richmond
Directed by Paul Walker
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Hollywood or Bust
No Surrender


A baby skeleton is discovered in the Lomax's closet and Greengrass tries to make money trapping wild rabbits and dyeing them to sell as pets.

Full SummaryEdit

Mike Bradley is riding his own motorcycle one day when he has to brake hard to avoid a collision with another motor cyclist, Barbara Lomax. Barbara is on her way to her mother's funeral. The Lomax family is very surprised to learn that she has left everything to their sister Vera, who has been living in an institution and not spoken for 12 years. When they clear out the house they find a box containing the skeleton of a baby in the attic. Greengrass has started breeding rabbits. And not just any kind of rabbit, but the rare Indonesian Rough Black rabbit. The only trouble is that they are as rare as in non-existent. But hair dye and ordinary wild rabbits may overcome that problem.


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