Fallen Heroes

Season 10, Episode 9
Air date 17th December 2000
Written by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Paul Walker
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Child's Play
Cold Turkey


A mysterious suitcase disappears from the wreck of a car crash and Aidensfield suddenly has a Robin Hood, Maggie receives an offer she can't resist, and PC Ventress plays Cupid.

Full SummaryEdit

A motorist crashes at Valley Edge Road and is knocked unconscious. PC Bradley collects his property for safe keeping, but when the motorist Danny Reese is released from hospital a suitcase containing £18,000 is missing. Henry Todd refuses to pay his taxes until the counsel meets his demands not to pull down the old pavilion of his old cricket team the original Aidensfield First Eleven. The members of the team all volunteered for military duty during the First World War and all died in the battle of the Somme except Mr. Todd. Just when the bailiffs are about to force entry to his house Todd's taxes are paid by Bernie Scripps, who has received the money anonymously by mail. It seems a modern day Robin Hood is at large when other villagers share the same fate. Meanwhile Oscar Blaketon overhears a suspicious conversation between Reese and his fiancée Jenny Preston.



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