Fall Out

Season 8, Episode 2
Fall Out title card
Air date 13th September 1998
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Gerry Poulson
Episode guide
Snake in the Grass
For Better or Worse


Mike has to make a dramatic rescue after a dangerous radioactive isotope goes missing. Greengrass turns babysitter for a champion greyhound.

Full SummaryEdit

Alec Formby and his fiancée Sonia Harding are on route with a radioactive isotope to a laboratory in Leeds and make a stop at the Aidensfield Arms to get something to eat. When they have finished their car has been stolen. The Police recover the car again after it has been involved in an accident, but the lead bottle containing the isotope is gone. Greengrass' brother Cyril calls on him with a business proposition. He has bought a racing dog and needs a place to keep it for a couple of days. The dog is very fast and Greengrass races the dog without his brother's knowledge.




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