Fakers and Frauds

Season 14, Episode 3
Fakers and Frauds title card
Air date 19th September 2004
Written by Richards Monks
Directed by Adrian Bean
Episode guide
Secrets and Lies
The Happiest Day

The panda car of the police gets stolen while being serviced by Bernie. Oscar Blaketon suspects Mr. Proctor, a guest at the Aidensfield Arms who knows nothing about the birds he claims to be studying. The car is later used at a number of burglaries where the burglar poses as a police officer. Petty stuff at first, but then both the car and its "owner" are connected with a serious break-in at a jeweller's shop. Vernon Scripps organizes an art course with the famous artist Lorenzo at Ashfordly Hall. Some of the participants are interested in other things than art. Like Miss Glenister who makes several passes at poor David. Whatever Celia Taylor and her husband are interested in it is not each other.


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