Face Value

Season 1, Episode 7
Face Value title card
Air date 22nd May 1992
Written by David Lane
Directed by Terry Iland
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Old, New, Borrowed and Blue


There is to be a big CND demonstration outside the Fylingdales early warning defence base near Aidensfield, and prospective MP - Paul Melthorn is to make a speech there. Workers take offence when demonstrators are putting up posters everywhere advertising the demo and Nick has to break up a row in the pub between them.

Full SummaryEdit

When throwing them out, one of the demonstrators gets injured and Nick gets accused of assaulting him. Ashfordly police in the meantime are informed to police the demo and Blaketon finds out that the American Ambassador is visiting Fylingdales at the time of the demo. The demonstrators campsite is then burgled and Melthorn's wallet, which contains incriminating pictures of him having an affair with a young woman are stolen. The demo takes place and the road is blocked with demonstrators. Melthorn makes his speech but becomes ill and Kate arrives to treat him and discovers he has a weak heart. It turns out that the demonstrator who accused Nick of assault is in fact a Special Branch Officer investigating Melthorn's private life. Nick and Blaketon return his incriminating wallet on the condition that he calls off the demo to clear the road to make way for the American ambassador whose about to arrive. And Claude gets mixed up with the burglars who raided the camp site who turn out to be two of the Fylingdales workers.



Heartbeat - S01E07 - Face Value49:59

Heartbeat - S01E07 - Face Value


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