Season 5, Episode 2
Expectations title card
Air date 10th September 1995
Written by Lizzie Mickery
Directed by Tim Dowd
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Wishing Well
Thief in the Night


Joe Norton and two of his friends are terrorising Aidensfield and they do not even refrain from emptying PC Rowan's bin. Nicking laundry does not seem to be above them either. The traveling gypsy Flo arrives in Aidensfield and tries to make some money by selling luck in the form of small bouquets of lucky heather. Those who do not buy are struck with bad luck, which Greengrass finds out to his discomfort. Kate Rowan discovers the real reason for her nosebleed and is rushed to hospital when she goes into labour.

Full SummaryEdit

Joe Norton is causing trouble by smashing up pots in Nick and Kate's garden. A gypsy named Flo camps just up from Greengrass' house but he doesn't take kindly to her trying to sell him some lucky heather so she puts a 'hex' on him - Claude starts to believe that its working when everything starts to go wrong for him, so he asks to be 'unhexed'! Kate gets the result of her blood test that she sent off under another name, and it's bad news, but she keeps it to herself. Joe sets fire to the gypsy's caravan, Nick catches up with him but Joe attempts to assault him during the arrest. Clothes go missing off washing lines in the area. Kate goes into labour, and once she arrives at the hospital baby Katie is soon born, Nick is over the moon, but his hopes are suddenly dashed when Kate tells him she has leukaemia.


Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 2 - Expectations51:48

Heartbeat Series 5 Ep 2 - Expectations


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