Echoes of the Past

Season 8, Episode 16
Echoes of the Past title card
Air date 24th December 1998
Written by Neil McKay
Directed by Brian Farnham
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When Jane Hayes returns to her home one night she hears an intruder, but PCs Bradley and Bellamy find only her cat when they come to investigate. But Miss Barker, who worked for the previous owner of the house, can tell a story of a servant girl, who is said to haunt the manor listening for the cries of her baby. Jane Hayes is pregnant and due any day and the next night she hears a baby crying and sees a cradle rocking in the nursery. Penny Craddock is organizing the Christmas dance and persuades Jane's husband Graham to emcee the event. They will stage a dancing competition and Greengrass promises to provide them with a trophy for a small charge of course - besides taking bets on the outcome.

Full SummaryEdit

Jane Hayes fears that her unborn child may be danger when strange things start happening at the house. She thinks there is an intruder and the police arrive. Miss Barker worked for the previous owner, Mr Greg and tells them the story of a servant girl. She is said to haunt the manor and listens for the cries of her baby. The servant girl had killed herself by thowing herself off a roof after she refused to give her baby up to one of Mr Greg's ancestors who wanted to raise the child as his own. His own wife had no children. The baby died. Other things start happening such as the rocking of the baby's cot and she even finds the grave of the baby who supposedly died. The grave says "Luke. My baby. Christmas Eve. 24th December 1877. Aged 6 Days". But when the police arrive Craddock is they have found no grave. But Jane insists that she saw it. Maggie suggests that she move out of the house until the baby is born but Jane she couldn't do that. They eventually discover that it was all down to a young lad; she gave him up for adoption many years ago. Although an agreement is reached. Jane's husband is helping to organise and host the Christmas charity dance competition and the Craddocks and Boltons battle it out. Neil and Maggie are forced to withdraw from the competition when Jane goes into labour and gives birth to a boy. To the surprise of the Craddocks it is Oscar and Mary who win. Mike eventually finds the opportunity to ask Jackie to dance with him and they share their first kiss. Former secretary Sue Driscoll returns to the delight of PC Phil Bellamy - but its only for Christmas. Phil thinks nothing will get him on the dance floor, until Craddock asks if he is a lion or a mouse! Greengrass seizes the opportunity to make some money by providing the trophy for the winners.


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