Easy Rider

Season 8, Episode 10
Easy Rider title card
Air date 8th November 1998
Written by Peter Barwood
Directed by Garth Tucker
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Cyclist Paolo Ermini is found dead on the moor under mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, Greengrass has thought up a new get-rich-quick scheme.

Full SummaryEdit

Ned Hall reports an UFO flying silently over his head one night he is collecting his sheep. He is not the only one. Sue's uncle Barry Watson and - of all people - Oscar Blaketon have made the same observation. When PCs Bellamy and Bradley investigate they find the body of cyclist Paolo Ermini near the place of Hall's sighting. Ermini was somewhat of a womanizer, and before he arrived Tony Eccles was the big name in the local bicycle club, so naturally he was not too popular with Eccles either. And there is still the UFO! Greengrass has thought up a new get very rich very quick scheme. Garden gnomes! Only much to his surprise his garden gnomes do not look very much like gnomes. More like Chairman Mao.

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