Down to Earth

Season 13, Episode 10
Down to Earth title card
Air date 23rd February 2004
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Jonas Grimås
Episode guide
State of Mind
Mountains and Molehills
Miss Stanton complains about an obnoxious odour, which pervade her cottage. It comes from the neighbouring ground, where Mr. Manley is building a new home for himself and his family. Vernon Scripps has bought some of the top soil from the building site for his latest venture, potting compost. It is delivered on the forecourt of Bernie's garage. He is told to remove it, but both Bernie and David are occupied so he has to do it himself. It gives him a severe rash and makes him very ill. Moreover dead cows are found at the building site as well. Phil Bellamy is desperate, because he has not heard from Gina in days and she does not return his phone calls.


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