Dog Collar

Season 10, Episode 3
Dog Collar title card
Air date 5th November 2000
Written by Neil McKay
Directed by Noreen Kershaw
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Smile for the Camera
Gabriel's Last Stand


There's trouble at the vicarage and Greengrass has another scheme afoot, this one involving the local dog show.

Full SummaryEdit

After a charity concert at Eltering Church it is discovered that two candlesticks have been stolen. When Alf Ventress goes to the church with some flowers he is knocked down and the safe is broken into as well. Prime suspect is Simon Cutler, who has previously been suspected of a break-in. He is also dating the reverend's daughter Karen. Claude Greengrass promises Mrs. Benton to take her champion poodle Harvey to the annual dog competition and she leaves specific instructions on what to do. Champion poodle or not Harvey is first and foremost a dog and he uses the first opportunity to clear out looking for adventure. This situation calls for desperate measures. Poor Alfred!


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