Dirty Len

Season 12, Episode 7
Dirty Len title card
Air date 2002
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Albert Barber
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No Man's Land
Growing Apart


Tricia is called out when a labourer at the Kirkby's farm is taken seriously ill; Eileen Pringle organizes a day trip to Whitby for the Ashfordly Rotary Club Pensioners; Jenny takes an interest in the new vet.

Full SummaryEdit

Dirty Len Fairchild has died of what seems to be tetanus, but turns out to be strychnine poisoning. Celia Beresford is in charge of the Ashfordly Rotary Club's annual old folks' outing to Whitby. She does not like that Vernon Scripps is away and David has to drive the old people and hijacks Oscar Blaketon to assist them. Shortly after she visits her father Fred Caldwell to "persuade" him to go on the outing, her dog dies with the same symptoms as Dirty Len. It had been strolling on the Kirkby farm, where Len was a hired hand. Sergeant Merton searches the Kirkby farm for the poison, but PC Ventress recalls another incident involving Fred Caldwell some years earlier. Caldwell claims he got rid of the strychnine then though. Then Celia's daughter Amanda gets ill on Caldwell's farm.



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