Desperate Measures

Season 9, Episode 21
Desperate Measures title card
Air date 13th February 2000
Written by Neil McKay
Directed by Roger Bamford
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Against the Odds
With This Ring


Ray Brooks is taken in for questioning by the police after a valuable horse is stolen from Lord Ashfordly.

Full SummaryEdit

Roy Brooks receives a 6-month sentence for horse theft, but the sentence is suspended because he has to keep his family together after his wife's recent death. But it is an uphill struggle because he has a serious drinking problem. The following night the race horse Rio Boy is stolen from Lord Ashfordly's stables and Brooks gets under suspicion because his lorry matches the description of the one used by the thieves. Bernie Scripps accidentally tells Greengrass that he has psychic powers. When the old scoundrel has stopped laughing he gets the idea that they might as well cash in on it. Understandably Scripps does not agree. Phil Bellamy is babysitting Maggie Bolton's son Sam, but when he wakes up from a little nap to feed the baby Sam has gone missing.


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