Deadlier Than the Male

Season 18, Episode 19
Deadlier Than The Male title card
Air date 8th August 2010
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Dominic Leclerc
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Ties That Bind
Jobs for the Boys


A domestic dispute rages out of control, and Peggy's hold over David is threatened by a new arrival.

Full SummaryEdit

Vic and Eileen Needham have a violent row, and she makes a complaint against him for destroying some of her family heirloom. She also files for divorce. And that is just the beginning. Particularly with Eileen's solicitor Sylvia Swinton on the war path. Wars have been more peaceful than that. Stan Bickle pays Aunt Peggy a visit. He brings along his daughter Josie. The two women do not get along very well. Especially not after Josie begins to make passes at David and threatens Aunt Peggys influence on him.

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