Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Season 16, Episode 11
Dead Men Do Tell Tales title card
Air date 31st December 2006
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Judith Dine
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Give Peace a Chance


Nurse Cassidy's Land Rover with her medical bag gets stolen outside the Aidensfield Arms. The car is quickly recovered, but there is no trace of the bag and its contents. Some of it turns up though when Ricky Smith is hit by a car and PC Walker finds an empty pill bottle at the site. Sergeant Miller cannot wait to get young Ricky into court, because his mother who is a prominent lawyer has shielded him too many times. And she does not hesitate to make a complaint against nurse Cassidy for negligence. It does not matter to her that Cassidy was in a hurry to call an ambulance and saved somebody's life. The father of Swedish sailor Larson has died and he wanted to be buried at sea. But his ship is late and Larson gets permission to keep the body at Bernie's chapel for a couple of nights. David discovers that the coffin has breathing holes and that the corpse is very much alive...

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