Dawn Bellamy

Dawn Bellamy
Nikki Sanderson as Dawn Bellamy



First Episode

Missing Persons

Last Episode

Sweet Sorrow


Peter Bellamy (father)

PC Phil Bellamy (uncle, deceased)

Philip Bellamy Jr (cousin)

Dawn Bellamy, was played by Nikki Sanderson. She appeared in 30 episodes from 2008 - 2010.


Niece of the now deceased Phil Bellamy, her father sent her to stay with Gina Bellamy at the Aidensfield Arms in order to get her away from the influence of a bad crowd of people in her native Manchester. Her first screen appearance was in the episode "Missing Persons", broadcast on 3 August 2008. A lively and somewhat ditzy character, she has become the object of muted attentions from PC Geoff Younger. She occasionally becomes a business enemy to Peggy Armstrong.

Biography from ITVEdit

"Nikki Sanderson plays Dawn Bellamy, niece of the late PC Phil Bellamy.

She arrives in Aidensfield on an extended holiday after being sent by her worried father who fears she’s got in with the wrong crowd in Manchester. Dawn will provide company to her ‘auntie’ Gina (Tricia Penrose) who is still grieving the tragic loss of her husband.

Keeping a watchful eye will be Oscar (Derek Fowlds) as Dawn earns her keep working in the bar trying to remain on the straight and narrow.

Dawn is a feisty character but although she has the best intentions, she dreams of a glamorous career down south."


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