David Stockwell's Ghost

Season 8, Episode 23
David Stockwell's Ghost title card
Air date 21st February 1999
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by John Reardon
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Diane and Cecil Palmer have just moved back to England with their son Peter after living several years in Rhodesia. Peter longs for his African nanny Molly and writes her every day even though he gets no answer. Mr. and Mrs. Palmer both behave like they belong to some kind of master race and they accuse their maid Annie of stealing. Furthermore Mrs. Palmer has difficulty coping with her dominant husband and has developed a drinking problem. One night she disappears on her way home from the Aidensfield Arms. Her car was last spotted by David Stockwell, who does not see anybody behind the wheel and he is sure the vehicle was driven by a ghost.

Full SummaryEdit

A well to do family, the Palmers return to England after living several years in Africa, but appear to have difficulty settling in. Their young son Peter is frightened of the violent rows between his parents, and is suspected of being beaten by his father. But it is actually Diane who is the one who has been assaulting Peter, and after another row storms off in the car and has a horrific car crash but luckily survives. Elsewhere Alf is worried sick because Mrs Ventress in hospital, and Greengrass has problems wuth several pigs that end up running all around the village. At the end of the episode, Jackie and Mike discuss pining for the Big Smoke, and Jackie says that in her experience it is all part of a plan - two or three years' experience in the country and it depends on what else is happening.


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