Danse Macabre

Season 17, Episode 16
Danse Macabre title card
Air date 27th July 2008
Written by Shaun McKenna
Directed by Jonas Grimås
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Hey Hey LBJ
Missing Persons


15-year-old Natalie is caught shoplifting. She lives at Throckton Grange with her guardian, the famous prima ballerina Lady Victor, who has every hope of making the young girl a ballet star. She faints during her arrest and Nurse Cassidy is worried about her, because she is severely undernourished. When Lady Victor's representative Edward Wilson makes a complaint about some gypsies, PC Mason senses something is wrong and decides to keep a close eye on the Grange and its occupants. The editor of Ashfordly Gazette, Brian Parker, hires David to write the agony column. But Aunt Peggy is very displeased with it, mainly because she wanted the job herself. Geoff Younger is in love with the salesgirl Lucy, but is too shy to ask her out. Furthermore he starts sneezing every time he comes near her.


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