Dangerous Whispers

Season 13, Episode 13
Dangerous Whispers title card
Air date 14th March 2004
Written by John Flanagan
Andrew McCulloch
Directed by Judith Dine
Episode guide
The Dear Departed
Scent of a Kill


Lord Ashfordly has hired a new land agent Ben Norton, but not everybody is happy about the new man. Jake Clarke is convinced that Norton will tear down the tied cottages at the estate and fire all of the residents, and he organizes a protest against Norton. Norton is also opposed by Dr. Merrick, who is worried about the health of the workers. Lord Elsinby's estate including a popular fun park has to be sold to pay death duties. Vernon Scripps plans to buy some of it and sell it to Lord Ashfordly. But when he arrives only the miniature railway is left. Nat Wilmott is occasionally approached for some getaway work. He has turned straight - well straightish anyway - and he informs PC Bellamy that a gang from London is trying to hire him for a job in the Ashfordly area and they do not take no for an answer. But he disappears while Bellamy answers a call from Gina.


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