Cold Turkey

Season 10, Episode 10
Cold Turkey title card
Air date 24th December 2000
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Noreen Kershaw
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Local bank manager Gordon Stringer is Aidensfield's own Scrooge and soon Stringer's son Noel finds himself a target for Jack Dugdale's rage. Greengrass faces a miserable Christmas Eve and PC Bellamy prepares for the Christmas raffle at the Aidensfield Arms.

Full SummaryEdit

Gordon Stringer is the new manager of the District Bank in Ashfordly and as a regular Uncle Scrooge he has tightened the reins on both the bank's customers and its employees. Even Greengrass has trouble getting paid for some gardening work he has been doing for Stringer. But he himself gets in need of a lot of money when his son Noel is kidnapped a few days before Christmas. It actually started as a prank of Noel's hiding in the caravan of Jack Dugdale, whose son Paul has provided him with the key. But then it gets serious when Noel disappears from the caravan too, and Jack Dugdale gets under suspicion because Stringer has refused to give him a postponement of his payments.



  • This episode marks the final appearance of Claude Jeremiah Greengrass as Bill Maynard was forced to leave the show because of ill health. Although he did return in the Heartbeat spin off series 'The Royal.


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