Class Act

Season 11, Episode 22
Class Act title card
Air date 31st March 2002
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Roger Bamford
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The Shoot
Caught in the Headlights


Len Peters is opposed to his daughter going to university and refuses to pay for an imminent field trip. Meanwhile, a butcher shop owner is attacked and robbed.

Full SummaryEdit

Josie Peters is number one in her class. The class is going on a field trip, but she thinks she cannot go because her family is too poor to pay for it. Her school has a fund for situations like that, but her father will not accept any charity and insists that he will get the money himself. The night before the field trip Ralph Peel, Len Peter's employer, is mugged and the proceeds of the day are stolen. Josie also has a crush on her teacher Roger Gifford, and when her father reads about it in her diary he believes that her fantasies about him are true. The ventriloquist Ernie Dobson has died and left his dummy Enoch to David, who treats the dummy like a real person and drives Vernon Scripps mad.



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