Child's Play

Season 10, Episode 8
Child's Play title card
Air date 10th December 2000
Written by Michael Hall
Directed by Steve Goldie
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The headmaster at Pendlebury School acts suspiciously during Mike's investigation of a series of break-ins, the Aidensfield Arms has a sparkling, if slightly overbearing guest, and an old girlfriend of PC Bellamy's comes to visit.

Full SummaryEdit

Bernie's old friend Stanley Leroy checks in at the Aidensfield Arms. Leroy is a producer and knows all the stars and they organize a fan club tour, where people can meet their idols. Edna Bostwick reports an intruder at her neighbour Mrs. Carlton's house, but the house is empty when PC Ventress comes to investigate. The next day nurse Bolton surprises a young boy hiding in the house, but he runs away before she can stop him. He leaves behind a shirt with the logo of a nearby boarding school. PC Bradley checks out the school, but the headmaster is of no help except for the boy's name, Tom Bamber. Another guest at the Aidensfield Arms, John Wilson, is also very interested in the house and the boy claiming to be his house master. PC Bradley thinks something is wrong about Wilson - or Monks as he now introduces himself - and the school.



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