Charity Begins at Home

Season 6, Episode 17
Charity Begins at Home title card
Air date 25th December 1996
Written by Jane Hollowood
Directed by Tom Cotter
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Christmas is near and there is the traditional nativity play at the village hall with PC Ventress as Santa Claus. Greengrass is supplying half the village with geese, but demand has been higher than expected and he is four birds short. He sends David to pick them up, but the snow causes him to drive off the road and he has to continue on foot to get help. David is not the only one in trouble because of the weather. A bus full of old people from Elsinby gets lost, and Phil Bellamy, who is giving Ventress a lift to Aidensfield, gets stuck in the snow. The falling snow also causes a small plane to crash not far from the police house and Nick and Jo go to see if they can be of any help. They find a very pregnant woman, Sophie, in the plane and tracks in the snow indicate that she was not alone.



Heartbeat - Series 16 - Episode 17 - Charity begins at Home

Heartbeat - Series 16 - Episode 17 - Charity begins at Home