Changing Roles

Season 17, Episode 10
Changing Roles title card
Air date 23rd March 2008
Written by John Flanagan and Andrew McCulloch
Directed by Gerry Mill
Episode guide
The Devil Rides Out
A Brush With the Law

Derek Gorman is mad at the police because he has lost his drivers licence for drunk driving. He claims that they set him up and he swears revenge to Sergeant Miller. The next morning the police station has been broken into and rummaged through. Later somebody steels a patrol car in front the very eyes of PC Younger. Is it Gorman or the Leeds gangster Jimmy Faye looking for Alec Fletcher, whom the police is hiding because he wants to testify against him? Lord Ashfordly is looking for a new game keeper. Oscar Blaketon and Gina suggest to Aunt Peggy in fun that she applies for the job and she thinks it is an excellent idea. Lord Ashfordly does not! PC Mason's past catches up with him when his old girlfriend Doreen turns up in Aidensfield looking for work. After a broken marriage she is not uninterested in reviving the relationship.

Pictures from the episodeEdit

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