Chalk and Cheese

Season 10, Episode 1
Chalk and Cheese title card
Air date 22nd October 2000
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Paul Walker
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The Son-In-Law
Smile for the Camera


Mike and Jackie settle into married life, Greengrass embarks on his latest scam, and it's business as usual at the police station with Sergeant Craddock and his team facing some of their toughest cases to date.

Full SummaryEdit

The retired school teacher Celia Hanson has bought a cottage in Aidensfield. But she does not get along with her neighbour Don Foster, who does nothing but intimidating her on purpose, she claims. It peaks when his tractor rolls into her car after he threatened to drive straight through it. Furthermore rumour has it that Foster has killed his wife, who disappeared suddenly a few years earlier. Frank Jarvis suggests to Greengrass that he lend him a field to dumb waste, but Greengrass will not settle for percentages only if he can be in charge himself and he decides to go into business himself. When he and David collect the first load David finds a live grenade, which he likes so much he decides to keep it for himself as a special treasure.

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