Caught in the Headlights

Season 11, Episode 23
Caught in the Headlights title card
Air date 7th April 2002
Written by Peter Gibbs
Directed by Jonas Grimås
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Class Act
Love's Sweet Dream


Zak and the Zeros arrive to play at a local club, and Gina feels unwell at Lord Ashfordly's party. Sinclair is involved in a car accident.

Full SummaryEdit

Alex Robinson stays at the Aidensfield Arms while he tries to purchase land. But Ian Sinclair has beaten him to it and closed the deal with a couple of potential sellers. Lord Ashfordly has invited Robinson to dinner and he asks Gina to accompany him. His car has a flat tire and they have to go in hers. Late in the evening she feels bad and has to go home. The next morning she wakes up in her car only a couple of hundred yards from Ashfordly Hall. The previous evening Sinclair is seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident, and everything suggests that Gina is responsible. Sylvia and Linda are singers in a band, and to ensure that nothing untoward happens their father hires Vernon Scripps to drive them to and fro when they have a gig. But the loud music soon gets too much for him and David has to take over. The two girls soon discover that David is a real push-over in the hands of young females.


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