Catch Us If You Can

Season 6, Episode 8
Catch Us If You Can title card
Air date 20th October 1996
Written by Brian Finch
Directed by Tim Dowd
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Giving the Game Away


Greengrass sets up a new business venture; Ventress is in financial straits; and a misunderstanding leads Blaketon to believe hes being forced to take early retirement.

Full SummaryEdit

Reggie Rawlins has a business proposition for George and Gina that will boost trade in the Aidensfield Arms - he will lease a jukebox to them. Rawlins also enters into partnership with his old friend Greengrass, who will collect the takings from the jukeboxes. A couple of bullies have been smashing up jukeboxes all over North Riding and soon the one at the Aidensfield Arms is targeted too. Only jukeboxes leased from the company L.E.W. are not destroyed, and PC Rowan thinks it will be worthwhile to look into the company and its owners Anita Setters and Andy Farley. Things have cooled off between Nick and Jo after he had to cancel their romantic weekend due to his police duties.

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